Breaking News: Joyce Banda, Chris Daza, Bushiri Finally Form New Political Party

As anticipated, Joyce Banda has finally formed a surrogate party with Prophet Bushiri. They have advanced Chris Dadza to lead party. The new party has combined with elements of PP, DPP and MCP. It is called People’s Democratic Congress.


Chris Daza spoiled his promising political career with the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) after Banda dangled a ministerial post during her short stay at State House. He then migrated to South Africa where he has remained a loyal servant of both Banda and Prophet Bushiri.

Judging from its symbol, the new party will most likely set out to mobilise the frustrations of tobacco growers and promise to develop agriculture as a source of Malawi’s economy. The new party has has also used “integrity” as it’s cornerstone. This is however one of Peter Mutharika’s ideas and pillars of progress.

The party will use Bushiri’s money which is Joyce Banda’s money stollen from Malawi and laundered into the church. This stollen money was branded “miracle money” to blindfold Malawians.

Their strategy is to use the laundered money to buy MPs who are frustrated in their parties. We have also learnt that College students who support and receive money from Bushiri will become wings of the new party.

But for a long time, political analysts have argued that it is almost impossible for a new party to develop and survive in Malawi. Malawi has 40 registered political parties and the analysts argue that Malawi’s political environment is politically saturated.

JB, Bushiri: Bankrolling The Party

Joyce Banda tried to form People’s Party while in power but the party collapsed rapidly as soon as she fell and escaped Malawi. The People’s Democratic Congress is being hatched while she is outside Government.

The People’s Party used a temporary and short term ideology of opening up Malawi to donor dependency, hence using the open lock as its symbol. The insignia of the new party seems to promise nothing new but sweeping around from existing ideas.

 Joyce Banda’s PP was a project that set out to fight Bingu and cushion her in power. The Democratic People’s Congress fronted by Chris Daza hopes to unseat APM and give a red carpet for returning to Malawi. These are parties which analysts would argue are short term political projects.

155 Responses to "Breaking News: Joyce Banda, Chris Daza, Bushiri Finally Form New Political Party"

  1. mtawa   December 26, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Where do you get all this nosense? I am a staunch follower of Papa Major 1 he is not a politician. He is a powerful Man of God. Please don’t be cheated by the devil.

  2. Golden Gnex   December 27, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Let us find means to rescue our country from poverty, we have rights to partcipate as citizens of Malawi… If you have no idea just stay Quiet

  3. 95Arianne   December 28, 2016 at 1:10 am

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  4. Chinthambwira Ken Kumwenda   January 3, 2017 at 7:28 am

    It seems malawi needs sensitisation. In as much as the majority might seem to be well and fully knowledgeable on how to make a constructive choice for the sake of helping mama malawi recover and develop, but we honestly don’t have adequate knowledge on issues of politics.

    It always hurts my heart when i hear a malawian saying issues of politics don’t concern him or her, this statement clearly shows just how stupid and careless that person is.

    Malawi can and will only be built by you and I. So we need to find time, conduct research and know exactly what it means to be a citizen of a country (e.g. respobilities that come with this) and the world as a whole.

    It is our responsibility to flush out those that are incompetent and put in people who are fit to guide in the recovery and developement of mama malawi.

    So to bushiri, banda and daza I am not sure if they are qualified to rule us because i have little knowledge of their qualifications, vision and policies they plan to out in play. This is why i personally am researching, so that i know exactly who they are. Other than dwelling on speculations.

    In my opinion, i honestly feel that another party wouldn’t do malawi harm, its us the voters who malawi should be afraid of.


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