Breaking News: Dausi In As Info Minister, Lloyd Muhara Now Chief Sec As Mkondiwa Heads To India


For immediate release 19th December,


Dausi: Now Information Minister

His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi has made the following appointments; 1. Mr. Lloyd Muhara as chief Secretary to the Government

2. Mr. George Mkondiwa redeployed to India as High commissioner

3. Dr. Issac Munlo Malawi’s High commissioner to India returns to Malawi as Chief Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation’

Mkondiwa: Heading To India As New Ambassador

4. Mr.Nicholas Dausi as Minister of Information and communication Technology and Government Spokesperson replacing Hon’ Malison Ndau M.P who ceases to be Cabinet Minister’

The appointments and redeployments are effective 19th December, 2016





38 Responses to "Breaking News: Dausi In As Info Minister, Lloyd Muhara Now Chief Sec As Mkondiwa Heads To India"

  1. Bright Dawirani   December 20, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    mwana ine sindimachita njengunje. ine mwana ndine wakatorika. Dausi yemweyo

  2. Mbonga Matoga   December 22, 2016 at 9:34 am

    I have said this before and I will say it again here ………I have no problem with the prerogative vested in our presidents to hire and fire their ministers but it is morally wrong when a president start abusing this prerogative.

    When a president just wake up one morning and decide to fire one of his ministers for whatever reason without prior warning to the affected individual then that is abuse of power. And if what Mr Ndau is saying is true then APM owes the nation an explanation.

    Malawians need to know why Mr Ndau has been fired and most importantly why he was not told about his firing before the announcement was made on the national television.

    The fact that Mr Ndau was not warned before hand…….it is absolutely clear that his firing was based on gossip so much so that APM was embarrassed to face Mr Ndau to tell him the reasons why he was firing him.

    For me personally after knowing APM well over the years, I am not surprised with his actions……. I would like to remind all Malawians that this is the same APM who failed miserably as a minister of education when he lost to Kabwila on the freedom of education issue……….He also failed as a minister of foreign affairs when we all witnessed a deteriorating relationship with the UK govt which culminated into the British ambassador being expelled. And now we have all public universities closed on his watch as the chancellor……….what more evidence does Malawians need to understand that APM is a failed leader?

    APM does not have the balls to act on his own, he like leading from the back so that when things go wrong he is not the one to blame.

    Apparently his medical reports shows that he has more estrogen than testosterone in his blood and you can tell by just looking at his feminine face…….we don’t have a leader in Malawi but a Mulahko Wa Alomwe puppet.

    On the other hand I would like to warn our Vice President to watch out…………Mr Ndau is from Tcheu where the VP comes from and now that he has been fired it means that apart from Dr Kalilani, who is another DPP puppet minister from the central region….it is now only the VP himself sitting in the highly dominated Mulahko Wa Alomwe DPP cabinet.

    And from what I have gathered from my reliable sources it shows that Mr Ndau has been fired because he was the one who was building a new cabinet for the VP to take over the reigns of power once APM dies in the US during the UN meeting.

  3. Arthur Mputeni   December 23, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    Dausi yemweyo timve Chichewa chenicheni


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