Bombshell: Henry Kachaje Dresses Down MCP For Old Fashioned Bootlicking

MCP Strategist:Henry Kachaje
MCP Strategist:Henry Kachaje

MCP strategist and die-hard supporter Henry Kachaje on Wednesday tore apart the conduct of his party leader Lazarus Chakwera who uses women to dance for him wherever he goes.

Writing on his Facebook page while on duty in Nairobi, Kachaje praised Kenyans for handling their meetings without politicians demanding praise singing from women.

“I am attending a conference where politicians have been invited. I see no women in party colors singing, clapping and ululating. This is how things should be done,” he wrote.

When put to him that Chakwera gets the most praise singing from women whenever Parliament opens or when he arrives at party headquarters, Kachaje did not mince words.

“That’s what I am saying, MCP should stop using women to dance for Chakwera during any functions. This is very backward for the party which seeks to transform itself to a modern institution,” he wrote while responding to a comment on his same post.

Dubbed Old Fashioned
Dubbed Old Fashioned

Chakwera receives probably the most rousing welcome by women at Parliament and party headquarters at City Centre. The women spread party cloth on the ground creating a long carpet all the way from the car park into the building just to make sure that their leader does not step on dirt.

MCP has a history of abusing women and their husbands during their 30-year old rule. Women and school girls were forced to dance for Kamuzu wherever he went even if it meant them traveling long distances. Spouse who expressed dissatisfaction over their women were harassed by Youth League members and others were thrown into jail on Presidential orders.

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  1. jj   December 1, 2016 at 4:24 am

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