Belated Congratulations And Welcome To DPP Comrades

apm-masintha-mcpIt is basic knowledge that politicians who switch parties are likely to do so when they are ideologically out of line with their current political party and more in agreement with the other party. At least that is the case here in developed democracies. It is also basic premise that sometimes the switch may also be related to electoral incentives.

It is hard to argue that majority of politicians fit this bill but do not switch parties out of principle or as a result of pure lack of spine and courage to do so. It is fair therefore to argue that switching political party affiliations typically entails a combination of pressures.

Most political strategists agree that switching party affiliations is often explainable by systematic variables representing pressure on the politicians from the external, electoral, and congressional environments as in the case of the U.S political system. Surprising to many ordinary electorates and fact known to seasoned strategists, large changes in these three categories of variables each leads to only fractional increases in the propensity of members to switch. It is only when there are large amounts of political stress coming simultaneously from several of these categories that there is enough reason to cause members to change their political party affiliations. I have personally counseled many of these politicians with appetite to switch parties for different reasons in Africa and Europe. Political prostitution is not unique to Africa or my motherland, Malawi only. In fact as I speak, I am working on two high profile Bulgarian and Dutch Politicians in the process of switching party affiliation. I have written this for those on the fence in Malawi. My advice; pull the trigger. This is the right time to join the ruling party DPP. The question is; what do you bring to the table. Do not come empty handed. Engage professionals to negotiate on your behalf otherwise expect raw deals. My question to young folks in Malawi; how long are you going to clap hands for politicians year after year and election after election. I bet many of you are not aware that Joyce Banda is mulling over dissolving PP or completely retire from active politics after the deal she struck with Chakwera is falling apart because of Sidik Mia. Best case scenario, let’s say she retires. Do you envision anyone in the party who can successfully finance the party. JB is cutting the deal for herself while you are in the dark defending a dead end. Here is the secret why we see the same successful politician year after year. There is in fact no secret. They are just strategic and smart. They just know when to leave a sinking ship.


Belated congratulations and welcome to DPP. It does not take a genius to make such a tactical and strategic decision to join the winning party. JB confidant and PP spokesman Ken Msonda ( I am really very please), David Bisnowaty, Bintony Kutsaira, Clara Makungwa (very proud of you madam), Malani Ntonga, Salim Bagus, Professor Etta Banda, Prof Isaac Lamba, Enerst Malenga, Bessie Chirambo, Chimango Mughogho,Ulemu Chilapondwa,Harima Daudi. Ken Kandodo Banda (will be joining soon), former finance minister Friday Jumbe, Mai Magret Chiponda, Samuel Kaphuka, John Bande and many others. Many will surprise you in the next few months. Watch out for Lunguzi, Harry Mkandawire despite all the noise, and our speaker of parliament. Freedom of association. (Written By Foster F. Fundi)

4 Responses to "Belated Congratulations And Welcome To DPP Comrades"

  1. Nick c Yiannakis   December 7, 2016 at 5:18 am

    Total nonsense! 99% of Malawians are fed up with DPP. There will be NO crossing the floor to MCP in May 2019. MCP will win in a land slide and fix all the rot. DPP is deep in trouble, nowhere to run or hide.

  2. B.Thuluwe   December 7, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    kongolisi singawine kwanu ndi komweko Ku opposition ,have been there for more than twenty years anzanu angokhala Ku opposition for two years koma inu kakaka. Mulira misozi ya magazi.

  3. Thuluwe   December 7, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Some one has used my name for his / her comment. ndufuna kukana pano kuti sindinalembe ndine. Thuluwe.

  4. Thuluwe   December 8, 2016 at 5:13 am

    I want to refute once again that it was me who wrote the original comment. Someone used my name to refute but it was not me who refuted.


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