BEAM Beautifies Chitipa 

 beamBeautify Malawi  (BEAM) Trust  has commended Chitipa District Council for scaling up efforts  in improving hygiene and sanitation standards in the district.

The commendation was made Saturday by BEAN Regional Coordinator for the North, Caroline Mfune during launch of a cleanup campaign organized by Chitipa District Council held at the Boma.

Mfune presided over the launch on behalf of founder and patron of BEAM Trust,  First Lady, Dr Gertrude Mutharika.

The  campaign, conducted concurrently with a fund raising  salivating luncheon and a dinner dance at St Kizito Conference Centre,  was aimed at improving  hygiene and sanitation situation at the Boma  premises to ensure health of the residents.

Mfune said members from BEAM decided to participate in a cleanup exercise because the initiative by the council was complementing her organization efforts to ensure clean environment in cities, towns, hospitals, district councils and other establishments where people live, to promote their good health.

“As BEAM, we are proud to participate in a cleanup campaign because the exercise is highly complementary to the role and objectives of our organization,”  She said.

Mfune observed that adherence to good hygiene and sanitation requirements in all places where people live is key in minimizing risks of breakouts of water borne diseases like cholera and diarrhea which drain meager government resources to manage.

Chitipa District Health Officer (DHO), Ted Bandawe thanked the council for deciding to mainstream issues of hygiene and sanitation into the council’s   work plans as he said it will help in reducing occurrence of preventable diseases which siphon limited medical resources.

He explained that at times, hospitals face challenges of shortage of drugs because resources are directed at efforts to combat and cure diseases which broke out due to deteriorated hygiene and sanitation standards in premises the sick are coming from..

Presidential Advisor on Capacity Building and Governance, Nick Aladin Masebo commended people of Chitipa for honouring the call for everyone to participate in a cleanup exercise, regardless of one’s political and religious affiliation, a development he said displayed resident’s highest degree of patriotism for their district.

He thanked BEAM for its involvement in the clean up exercise which he said has helped to make the activity  colourful and successful.

District Commissioner for Chitipa, Grace Chirwa made a strong assurance that the event will be done periodically to ensure clean environment which is free from diseases.

Chirwa commended BEAM for donating sanitary tools which she said had come at the right time when the council had no capacity to carry out an effective clean up exercise without the tools.

In Chitipa, BEAM is constructing a girls hostel at Chisemga Secondary School in the area of Chief Mwenewenya. The facility will ease the burden of girls walking long distance to school and reduce risks  of being sexually abused by misguided men who  capitalize  on the girls vulnerability. (BY Ed-Grant Ndoza, Mana)

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  1. Chimwemwe Lukongolo   December 5, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    Mbava mwagundika ndikuba kkkkkk

  2. Cha Nkha Uta Maseko   December 6, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Acaunt yobera imeneyo koma amalawi munatipezerera


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