Be Careful Of Conmen-Mgeme Kalilani Warns

It has come to my attention that thieves are still targeting unsuspecting persons to defraud them in my name.

The latest is an incident involving a certain Tanzanian company and some thieves not yet identified.

The Tanzanian Mission in Malawi has contacted the Malawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enquire about the authenticity of some documents on behalf of the Tanzanian company. The documents purport to come from the Government of Malawi.

Apparently, the thieves wrote the company about some fuel supply contract and need for the company to pay some money for the contract. These thieves used my name in the said communication and fabricated what looks like official communication.

The said communication neither came from State House as purported nor from me as an individual.

What I have gathered from the inquiry is that the said money was eventually paid to the thieves using an account domiciled at the FMB Bank.

My attempt to understand the transaction clearly has not yielded desired results. At the point of contacting me, the mission did not have information as to whether the said Tanzanian company is a bonafide company, how the company was communicating with the said conmen, contacts of the said conmen, bank details of the account that apparently received the money, etc.

I have advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask the Tanzanian mission to report the matter to police as a matter of urgency so that the Police can investigate.

Since there appears to be a complainant, a bank slip, a receipt and an a bank account number on the transaction, I am of the view that investigating agencies have enough leads to get to the bottom of this matter.

Once again let me remind all to tread carefully when approached by individuals posing as State House officials. State House does not handle any contracts on behalf of the Government of Malawi and the State House Press Office is not a secretarial office of the Government of Malawi. The Secretarial office of the Government of Malawi, is the office of The Chief Secretary.

Mgeme Kalilani

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