BBC Drills MBC Online Reporters in ‘Smartphone Journalism’

Opening the training, MBC Boss Aubrey Sumbuleta

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is drilling reporters for the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Online section in the best techniques of smartphone journalism.

According the Controller of News, Current Affairs and Online Service at MBC Vincent Khonyongwa, the three day long training is meant to equip its staff ahead of its competitors in as far as using modern and portable gargets in online reporting is concern.

“Technologically things are changing everyday as people want to get news and other updates on their phone. We believe as MBC we can give the best to the nation by making sure that our members are well equipped in the digital reporting. We are living no stones untouched; we want to deliver the best to the nation,” said Khonyongwa.

Khonyongwa further commended BBC for training MBC members of staff in different aspects of broadcasting for many years.

“These skills will hopefully be put into good use, we appreciate for the support we get from BBC,” he said appealing to the trainees to be active throughout the training as MBC and the entire nation is expecting a lot from them.

One of the participants at the training workshop Austin Kakande said the training was timely as Malawian citizenry was slowly but surely embracing the online media.

“We are coming from a period where online journalism was a mere platform for gossip to a period where the platform is becoming a serious thing. And for MBC to engage the BBC to equip us with skills in this faculty it is really commendable and timely,” said Kakande.

Simon Cox, a smartphone BBC trainer is the one facilitating the three day training workshop. He is an award winning investigative reporter at BBC radio 4 and World Service.  Cox is also a global journalism consultant.

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