Band Yagawana Zida: Richard Msowoya Resigns From MCP For Its “Dangerous form of Tyranny”


Statement, June 29, 2018

…I was drawn to MCP because of the party’s core values and what its leadership stood for. Integrity and accountability guided by a strong institutional framework enshrined in a well framed constitution; developmental objectives that united, empowered and prioritised all Malawians across all sectors, regions, tribes, races, genders, ages and religions.

Indeed, of all the major political parties in the country, it is the MCP which could be regarded as belonging to its wider membership, with no individual or family dominating its management. It is the only party that has held the most democratic conventions and ushered in leaders as expected in the current dispensation.

The pioneers of MCP greatly desired to see a developed Malawi. The systems put in place were to ensure that constitutionalism, hard work, and patriotism coupled with the four cornerstones of Unity, Loyalty, Obedience and Discipline are upheld within the party before anywhere else.

These are the strong foundations that have so far set MCP apart from other political parties and made it remain strong despite being in opposition for so many years.

It was natural, therefore, that when attempts were made by the current leadership to break those very foundations of the party, I was among those that would not support any of it. I openly challenged many decisions that were contrary to the core foundations of the MCP. We tried contact and dialogue.

Misunderstandings even went to the country’s courts of law. The substantive issues in the cases remain unresolved and are now at Supreme Court.

As we continued to pursue a solution, it pleased some to seek temporary relief from the Supreme Court, proceed to change the leadership of the party and amend its constitution in a manner and character that demonstrated panic and desperation for power. This was the culmination of many incidences of failure to embrace intraparty democracy and are a flagrant violation of its constitution.

Intolerance to divergent and objective opinion that also is not in tandem to the current political environment has taken root, breeding a form of tyranny that is dangerous for Malawi. I do not believe that the MCP in its present state represents the ideals of its founders in the quest to bring about development to the people of Malawi.

Time of transition

In light of the current situation in our country and the aforementioned regrettable developments in the MCP, I have decided to resign from the Malawi Congress Party with immediate effect. I will, today, be presenting my letter of resignation to the party through Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, MP and will proceed as an Independent Member of Parliament.

I encourage those who may feel let down by my resignation from MCP to look at the bigger picture and not lose sight of the work that we, as Malawians, have to do to ensure that our children and many to come inherit a healthy, vibrant and united Malawi – a Malawi that fully represents so many years of independence and self-rule. I am still convinced that this is possible and I remain committed to the fight for a better Malawi.

One Response to "Band Yagawana Zida: Richard Msowoya Resigns From MCP For Its “Dangerous form of Tyranny”"

  1. Mbonga Matoga   June 30, 2018 at 5:54 am

    Hahaha, really funny….I think to say that MCP ditched Msowoya a while ago would be an under statement.
    Farewell thee mr opportunist , my only advice to Chilima is that give Msowoya a higher position in your group at your own peril, he is a useless person politically.


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