Astro Mobile Connects With Chanco

Gova: We would like to empower young people

Proving that it appreciates the needs of students, most of whom are tech savvy, Astro Mobile has connected with Chanco students by supporting the social weekend which started on Friday.

Being an Afrocentric mobile and electronic solutions provider — which is slowly penetrating the market in Malawi — Astro Mobile is the main sponsor of the social weekend which will also be attended by students from other University of Malawi colleges, Malawi Health Sciences and Domosi College of Education.

In a statement, Astro Mobile Country Manager Mike Gova said the Astro Brand believes in empowering the youth.

“We would like to empower the young people as part of our vision to give a voice to our Africa market,” Gova said.

He said the social weekend will attract tech savvy young people who will mostly need the service of smart devices.

“This also works hand in glove with the Malawian vision 2020 Chapter 8 which aims to achieve Science and technology-led development,” he said.

Chanco Director of Entertainment Gift Symon said the social weekend whose theme is ‘Meeting the Corporate World’ said the social weekend will provide a platform for students to interact with the corporate world in a manner that is going to benefit both parties.

“We established that the majority of students are well equipped with intellectual knowledge up to their final years which is vital and most important to the general public and Malawi as a country, but they rarely know what the corporate world needs due to limited interaction,” Symon said.

Astro Mobile brand is entrenched in African culture and the African culture is hugely identified by music and dance.

“Astro Mobile defines itself as an Afrocentric mobile and electronic solutions provider. Our mission is to give a voice to millions of Africans and everyone can agree that musicians or artists also give a voice to a lot of people in Malawi, this is the motivation for our involvement.

“We deliver eye-catching, top performance and affordable smartphones to our customers. We want to fill the gap in Malawi for those who are looking for amazing phones but have limited budgets. We are excited that a lot of people who will attend the festival will have the opportunity to know more about our brand,” Gova said.

Astro is a rapidly expanding e-commerce company and a mobile and electronic solutions provider employing over 2000 people, with branches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa. Its mission is to give a voice to millions of Africans citizens by providing a range of affordable, high quality smartphones throughout the continent; encapsulated in the company’s motto: “It’s All About You”.

Some of the company’s awards and achievements are: Astro Mobile founder earns Top ICT Innovator of the Year Award at the ICT 2013 Achievers Award (2013); Assembly line for Mobile Phones & Digital Smart TVs is imported into Africa, Zimbabwe (September 2015); Astro Mobile Africa wins the ‘Outstanding Mature Business’ category award at the African Awards for Enterpreneurs) run by the African Leadership Network (October 2015); Astro Mobile wins the Gold Medal in the Telecommunications category at the Small to Medium Enterprises International Expo (October 2015); and Astro Mobile founder win the ZNCC Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2016).

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