Arts SACCO, Malawi Music Crossroads, Arts APMC Launches A Capella Choral Competition

Arts SACCO has partnered with Malawi Music Crossroads and Arts Production and Marketing Cooperative (APMC) in a choral competition in which musical groups will be showcasing their vocal talents without the use of musical instruments.

The competition was launched over the weekend at Kamuzu Institute for Sports where ten choirs drawn across the country participated and competed for the K500 thousand prize.

Chairperson of the organizing committee for the competition, Gladson Msendera disclosed that the singing competition which shall be an annual event has been instituted to help a lot of music groups to stop relying heavily on digital music instruments in their compositions which is increasingly masking the sound of their natural vocal harmony.

“Malawi musicians are endowed with musical talent.” he noted, “However, that talent is being hidden by instrumental music heavily used in their masterpieces.”

“Most of the choirs are not able to express themselves when it comes to singing simply because of heavy use of studio musical instruments as backing.” added Msendera.

He observed that the expanding over reliance on musical instruments to back their works has actually concealed the natural talent that most music groups have, which is the voices.

Msendera therefore said the a Capella singing style will encourage choirs to rely on their voices which is the natural instrument they poses.

Msendera, has since urged the general public to support this competition through moral and financial support. He also made it clear
that this choral completion is not for religious choirs only but all choral groups are welcome to join the competition next year.

During the launch which took place on Saturday afternoon at Kamuzu Institute of Sports in Lilongwe, saw Kalowe Gospel Agents Choir from Lilongwe, winning the first prize of the competition of K500 thousand while Ndirande Makata CCAP Church choir from Blantyre on second position received K300 thousand prize. Madzimayera Station choir from Mchinji which came on third position walked home with K200 thousand prize.

The winning choir thrilled the audience with both their vocal coordination when singing Bwenzi Langa song which was performed with
some dramatic body expressions. The group received a warm applause from audience for their spectacular display of a well coordinated quick-march steps and left and right turn movements as they went on stage and rearrange themselves on the stage.

Other choirs were The Great Anglican Soldiers Choir, Kakoma Voices choir, Mnkhumbu CCAP Nursery Choir, The Inspiring Khwidzi Choir, Mtima Woyera Catholic Choir, Kakule Tembenukani Womens Choir and the New Apostolic Church Choir from Lilongwe. Lilongwe Community Choir was the guest choir at the event.

This newly introduced annual choral competition, expects choirs to showcase their natural vocal talents, stage discipline and
communication while performing their own composition.

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