APM Warns Judas Iscariots In DPP, Calls For Loyalty

APM arriving at Lunzu
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the south, Charles Mchacha on Sunday tipped President Peter Mutharika to put his detractors on notice, saying there are some ‘Judah Iscariot’ in the party.

Mchacha made the revelations during the party’s political rally at Lunzu Primary Ground in Blantyre North East constituency.
According to Mchacha, using biblical references , there are traitors within Mutharika’s inner circle, who are plotting against him, saying he has full list of the names of those ‘Judas Iscariots’ and he will present to Mutharika soon.

“There are some like those Jesus spoke about at the last supper, that those we eat with, they are the ones ‘who will betray me’. The likes of Judas Iscariot are among us. I shall expose them to you soon,” he said.

Among traitors, according to Mchacha are some civil servants who pretend to be DPP die hard while they are not.
In his remarks, President Mutharika also acknowledged the existence of Judah Iscariot in the party, saying he wants people that are loyal and warned that he will personally fire pretenders.

“I want loyalty. I do not want people who will change their colours. There are people who show certain colours when it is light but when it is dark, they change colours. I do not want those types of people. I need loyal people on my side,” Mutharika warned his nameless detractors.

Mutharika has since appealed for unity, loyalty and patriotism amongst party members and work towards developing the country.
“Some of you are the Judas, you pretend to belong to one party yet you are members of several parties. But let me warn you, we will find you and deal with you,” Mutharika said.

With the crowd cheering him on, Mutharika said he is confident to win the next year’s elections and that almost all constituencies and wards in the southern region will go to DPP during the 2019 tripartite elections.

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