APM Spells Out Development Programmes For Lower Shire

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has outlined a number of developmental activities to be undertaken by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) – led government in the Lower Shire region.

Mutharika made the commitment on Sunday when he addressed a public rally at Nchalo Trading Centre in Chikwawa.
He said the programmes range from the transport sector, education, health and agriculture.

The Malawian leader said it was a known fact the country has inadequate health facilities which also experience shortage of drugs to meet the demand for such medical services.

He therefore said government would upgrade various health facilities to meet the demand.
“Apart from upgrading Chikwawa District Hospital to a modern facility, government would also construct health centres at Tomali and Ndirande in the district and supply them with essential medical drugs,” Mutharika promised.

On the country’s economy, Mutharika said it was pleasing to note that the country’s economy was now back on track because of austerity measures government has adopted.

He boasted that recently, the World Bank in conjunction with International Monetary Fund (IMF) described Malawi as one of the exemplary countries in the region on being prudent with financial policies.
“This is a remarkable sentiment and we will maintain the trend,” he pledged.

The President further observed that the promised developments, especially on investments have also started bearing fruits as evidenced by the influx of foreign companies being established in the country which have accelerated growth and reduced unemployment levels.

“Recently, we inaugurated companies such as sugar processing factory in Salima which has employed close to 5000 people and the construction of a five–star hotel at Chichiri in Blantyre has engaged 3000 employees among other foreign investors,” he said.

He further said plans are at an advanced stage for government to complete constructing community technical colleges in all the 28 districts by December this year, 2018 to promote entrepreneurial skills among the youth.

The President also revealed that the DPP – led government would upgrade 30 primary schools in each district of Chikwawa and Nsanje with necessary teaching and learning materials to ensure that pupils learn in conducive environment.
“We will construct more secondary schools and also provide 2000 desks to 60 primary schools to be built in Chikwawa and Nsanje,” he said, adding: “We also plan to establish a teachers training college in Chikwawa.”

He also pledged to improve road network by constructing Thyolo – Thekerani – Muona road, Thabwa – East Bank – Fatima road as well as Chikwawa (Chapananga) – Mwanza – Neno – Tsangano road to ease transportation of goods and services.
“We will build the first longest bridge ever in Chikwawa which will be 180 metres long and also embark on a K30 million railway line rehabilitation project to run from Limbe – Sandama – Marka – Beira,” he assured, urging traditional leaders to guard against vandalism of the infrastructure.

On agriculture, Mutharika disclosed that government would soon revive the Green Belt Initiative to benefit hundreds of farming families in Lower Shire. He said at least 40, 000 hectares of land would be put to irrigation with 24, 000 farmers benefitting from the initiative.

The first citizen therefore, reaffirmed his commitment towards uplifting the livelihoods of Malawians, noting that under the Malata and Cement Subsidy Programme his government has built 1500 houses for the needy in all the districts.

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