APM Speech At The Pass-out Parade Of Malawi Police Service




apm-malawi-police-4This is the honour I want to pay to our Malawi police officers.

You are men and women who work day and nightfor us to be safe and secure.You are patriots who work in discomfort for our comfort. You are the pride of the nation.

I am therefore proud to preside over this Passing-Out Parade. But I am also here to launch the INTERPOLTurn Back Crime Global Campaign for the Malawi Chapter of INTERPOL.

 Ladies and gentlemen,

Safety and security are necessary conditions for development.We need to be safe and secure in our homes, work and business places for us to focus on developing this nation.

We are pursuing the goals of safety and security by ensuring that there are sufficient police officers on the ground. My Government is therefore committed to recruitand train more police officers for this cause.

apm-malawi-police-1We know that the police force is facing challenges in housing and other infrastructure, poor mobility, low salaries and lack of modern equipment.These challenges hinder successful implementation of policing strategies. They affect our motivation.

Therefore, I am aware that increasing the number of officers on the ground alone will not solve all the problems in policing. It is for this reason that I directed the Malawi Police Serviceto conduct a functional and establishment review. I am waiting for their report. This review will help us to make well informed changes in police service.

Out of this review process, we are going to improvepolice performance. Indeed, this is also a process of improving working and living conditions of our police officers. At the same time, we are developing a modern police service.

The process of implementing the housing projectis also in progress. This should lessen accommodation problems. At the same time, Government is in the process of sourcing an additional fleet of 100 motor vehicles. These vehicles are to be delivered soon, and very soon!

apm-malawi-police-3Government will also continue promoting inclusion of women and gender equity in the police service. We promote inclusion of women in decision making positions and frontline policing. Women must be given an open space where they can play their role in developing our country.

However, I would like to urge police management at all levels to ensure that there is equity and fairness in the promotion of police officers. I hear the stories and cries police officers who work hard for years without promotion. Promote people by merit! As Police, you are the guardians of justice. We expect social justice in your promotion system. Let us make our police the pride of everybody.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to note that Malawi is doing well on the internationalfrontline in fighting against transnational organised crime. We are working well with the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL).

Now, we are joining the INTERPOLTurn-Back-Crime Campaign.Our aspiration is to participate in making our region safer and more secure.The safety and security of our region is also our safety and security as a country.

I am pleased to note that the Malawi Police Service has aligned itself to this global campaign. This is a campaign that fosters global alliances and raises our awareness in fighting organised crime.

Our Police force is doing a great job at home and beyond our boundaries. There is no question – the recruits we celebrate today are joining a noble cause.

And to you as recruits, let me say this:

apm-malawi-police-2This is your country, serve it with passion and patriotism. With patriotism, believe in your country and fight for your country!

This is your profession, pursue it with pride and integrity. With integrity, resist corruption and fight corruption.

This is your life, earn it with dedication and hardwork. Work hard and live your life to the full.

I wish you the very best of life! And my heartfelt congratulations for your success.

At this point, I now launch the INTERPOL Turn Back Crime Global Campaign– Malawi Chapter.

Thank You!

God Bless You All!

God Bless Our Country.

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