APM Interacts With DPP-UK Wing

On the sidelines of the Commonwealth meetings, Malawi leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika had an audience with the members of the DPP-UK wing at Mandarin Oriental in London. Here is part of the speech delivered by the wing’s chairperson Lewis Kamundi


A group photo after the meeting

Your Excellency has on many occasions alluded to the fact that as Malawians in the diaspora have a greater role to play in the development of our beloved motherland. We are here Your Excellency to reaffirm our commitment to your bidding.

Report and Update from last year’s Audience at Dorchester Hotel London.

Your Excellency on behalf of DPP-UK we are always grateful for making time in your busy schedule to meet with us. Last year, on 10th June, 2017, we were highly honored to be accorded the same opportunity. We don’t take the gesture for granted.

Your Excellency, I would like to bring to your attention what, we, as the sons and daughters of APM are doing to towards strengthening our mighty DPP back home. Your Excellency, during last year’s audience, you advised and challenged us to do the following:

▪ To work hard on public relations- I’m glad to report to you that the UK wing has a membership of over 80 at present and we growing each passing day.

To support you and the Party- Your Excellency, I have the pleasure to report that, Mr. Lewis Kamundi now Chairman, but then DPP-UK Strategist and Executive Member visited Malawi between the 6th September and 2nd October 2017 and he carried out duties on our behalf as follows:-

▪ Supported the campaign efforts of Dr. Reuben Ngwenya (DPP), Lilongwe City South East Constituency and Mr. Bruno Daka (DPP) Lilongwe Misozi North Constituency during the by-elections. at Kang’oma health centre. We donated bags of nutritional porridge flour (Likuni Phala) for malnourished children and adults living with HIV at Kang’oma Health Centre. We also donated sports equipment and children’s clothes.

▪ Also DPP UK-wing provided Likuni phala for malnourished children at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Your Excellency, My statement above is in recognition of the fact that we are building the momentum for the 2019 Elections. We assure you that we subscribe and practice the tenets of Integrity, Hard work and Patriotism.

Under your leadership, we are already preparing for the 2019 Elections.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that while you were arriving Your Excellency, we your children were in Scotland Edinburgh for a fundraiser big walk and we are glad to inform you that it was a success and we had many supporters and well wishers. The proceeds will be duly dispersed to identified areas in consultations with our counterparts back home.

Your Excellency as you are aware we are living in a digital age of social media, we have also taken part in Live online television debate with other parties Diaspora representatives on matters such as the future of Africa and indeed Malawi development goals that will see us Aid free. During these debates we highlight your Government projects such as, Sourcing water from Lake Malawi to Lilongwe, Malata and cement subsidy programme , community colleges,highway constructions such as Blantyre bypass, Zomba to Jali, chileka dual carriageway, Stadia, lakeshore resorts and airports as crucial development beacons. Zachulukisa tingachezele pano

(Who knows these might one day enable us as a nation to host Olympics one day)

What we intend to do
▪ Your Excellency as we grow, we plan to extend our beneficiaries to include primary schools as we believe this is the foundation though the provisions of uniform to identified deprived children and those from ultra-poor households
▪ Your Excellency we note with sadness the recent fire that destroyed Mangochi District Hospital’s integrated maternity and antenatal building. As such we DPP wing see as a call not to fold arms but help, we have been in touch with the Regional Governor, Hon. Julius Paipi and our shadow candidate Miss Victoria Kingston, so far we got the report of what needs to be done and we will do our best to help.

▪ We have agreed to vigorously continue with our fundraising activities here in the United Kingdom, so that we will be able to assist financially and materially during that period. For example, we got plan to introduce online media platform with the advantage we have of our own media person in the field with us, Mr Daive Sauzi ( our dpp online Television) we know how influential we can be from here to Malawi audience. We also hope to make DPP visible here in The United Kingdom by partnering with local groups such as associations during charitable causes; and mobilize fellow Malawians to work and partner with you, Your Excellency in fulfilling the DPP Manifesto pledges and making Malawi as a thriving economy and a place to visit.

DPP-UK wing, would therefore like to pledge its continued full support to your wise and visionary leadership. We are encouraged and determined to look to the future because we are convinced that together as Malawians we can build a cohesive and successful nation. We believe that under your leadership better times lie ahead.

Your Excellency, we will not be doing ourselves justice if we are all rosy in our presentation to you. “Mutu ukakula siulewa nkhonya” so the adage goes.

Your Excellency,
This being a rare opportunity, it very tempting to want to pre-empty everything. However, like King Macduff said in Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “my words are in my sword”.
This is a call to action and not empty speeches.
Your Excellency, let me rest my case with these words.

Thank you for your time Your Excellencies, The President and The Firstlady.

Yours Faithfully
Lewis Kamundi



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    kkkkkkk kma yha.. heart attack!!!

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    Team SKC.

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  5. Mbonga Matoga   April 23, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    I can see a few faces of illegal immigrants on these photos, does APM know that you are living in the UK illegally?

    DPP UK wing of illegals, an embarrassment to our country, muyalukatu akakupangani deport, APM can not help you……stop exposing yourself on these opportunistic photos…


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