APM Cleaning up JB’s Cashgate Mess

Malawians kicked Joyce Banda out of the Presidency at the polls in May 2014 elections because she had looted their money at the treasury under her Cashgate project.

This was a state-sanctioned project with a plan and a name aimed at sourcing money to finance her campaign in 2014 elections.

The negative effects of this plunder are all well documented.

Since President Peter Mutharika came in, he has been working to fix the mess which Joyce Banda created, so that Cashgate does not happen again.

The Mutharika government has managed to strengthen the then infamous IFMIS by introducing a number of controls which have contributed to reclaiming the public and donor confidence.

Government now has concluded the procurement of a new IFMIS software which will soon be implemented.

The new IFMIS software will be top of the range and more robust.

This comes with new computer and network infrastructure that will reach all corners of the country. This means that processing of all transactions will be realtime.

Government will from 1st July 2018 do away with cheque payments and use electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This is another very big stride in meeting the World Bank’s conditionalities in the Public Finance Management.

Come July 2018, major government information systems will be talking to each other(interfaced). This will include IFMIS, Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) and Reserve Bank System. This is another milestone in as far as Public Financial Management is concerned. This will flush out ghost workers.

Malawi in the region is the first country to institutionalize a fully fledged Information Security Department within IFMIS. This is after learning it a hard way from the Cashgate experience. This development has pleased partners such as IMF and World Bank.

There has been the problem of reconciliation for government accounts. This is now history. All accounts were comprehensively reconciled and now government is doing daily reconciliation. In fact government has exceeded  expectations on this.


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