APM Attends Ashani Phiri’s Wedding In Mchinji; Interacts With Chakwera

APM interacts with Chakwera at the event As Simbi Phiri (in while suit) smiles

President Arthur Peter Mutharika and opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday shelved their political chasm when they chatted to the length of a wedding celebration in Mchinji, to the delight of guests at the event.

Both were guests at the wedding of Asian and Milca Phiri held at Simbi Farm in Mchinji.

Ashan is son to businessman Simbi Phiri who owns a construction and engineering company, Khato Civils.

When President Mutharika arrived at the sprawling farm all eyes were on how he and Chakwera were going to handle their rare meet.

The two spent a good amount of time sharing stories coupled with measured grins and laughter.

Majestic: Ashani And Milca During The Event

From where the two sat everyone would notice an air of respect for two men who head two of the country’s largest political establishments.

Random interviews with people at the wedding was enough to pick the excitement to see the two politicians sharing laughter outside the political ring

In his speech to the gathering President Mutharika thanked Simbi Phiri for his enduring patriotism which has seen him construct a police station and Kamwendo and a health clinic at Tembwe.

The President added that people like Simbi are a rare crop of citizens in a country where people deliberately blame government for every problem even in an event where they can do something.

At the end of the day Ashani and Milca’s wedding was a mix of life commitment, political mutual respect, sumptuous culinary and elegant dressing; all rolled into one.

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    Eni Ake Zili Bwino.Anthufe Ndamene Timanyoza Kothelatu,kukunthana ,koma Azanu Pepapake mbale Ndi Imodzi.

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    I wish he had attended the funeral though…


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