APM: A Man of the People

Man of the people

Some people think that APM is popular because he is president. I don’t think so! Even if he was in the opposition or just coming in into politics, the man would still have been popular.

I don’t know how many people remember but as we were coming close to the elections in 2014, APM went to the States. Everyone, including those in the then government were worried that he would not come back. When he finally came back, I remember, the whole country, especially Lilongwe came to astand still. I mean there were lots of people yesterday but that time, the foundation of the state house shook.

So really, I think he is popular because of his ideas and style of leadership. People connect with him.

It is great that he is standing again. We can take Malawi to the next level then!

Part of the blue sea at Kamuzu International Airport

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