APAM Attacks Archbishop Msusa On False Promises

APAM members

Association of Persons with albinism (APAM) has attacked Archbishop Thomas Msusa for giving false promises to take care of the family of Benjamin Masambuka whose death implicated Catholic priest in Zomba Diocese.

Msusa promised to build a house and to ensure provision of legal services to the family. But nothing has happened.

The family members are building a house for the deceased family according to traditional authority’ Nkoola.

APAM attacks Msusa on its page:

Bishop Msusa: Has angered APAM members

“McDonald was a bread winner in the Masambuka family, ECM chairperson His Lord Thomas Msusa promised material support to the deceased family through Zomba Diocese. Another promise was on legal support through CCJP and lastly to engage the highest state authorities in ending the attacks. Three months down the line nothing has materialised from the committments they made. Was the meeting meant to silence or appease potential victims?”

Catholic priest Fr. Muhosha is implicated in the death of Masambuka, who had albinism.

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