Another Opinion On Returning K145million: Don’t Make 2019 Difficult

Dausi during the press briefing

I am trying so hard to understand the strategic reason of returning the K145 Million. I can’t see any reason.  The challenge with DPP is not that the administration has not performed. Not at all. The challenge is that there is a very negative perception and attitude against the party and administration.

What DPP has done to return the money is an appeasement approach against those making noise about the money. But when the problem is perception and attitude of the people you don’t apply an appeasement policy because they will still not appreciate such gestures.

A person with a perception problem appreciates nothing from those he or she hates. And the worst is to try to appease them. That is why Bingu said, “Mukhitho Sapepesa”

Even when you return the money, they will still insult you for returning it. And worse still, if you return you seem to admit that you were guilty of receiving the money in the first place.

DPP still does not know what the problem with the Party and administration is. And perhaps, those that know what the real problems are, are not doing anything about it. DONT MAKE 2019 DIFFICULT

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