Another Government Came And Laid A Stone But Nothing Happened…I Promise What I Do, And I Do What I Promise-APM


I am pleased to officially launch the construction of the Lirangwe–Chingale–Machinga Road.

We started talking about this road in Bingu’s time. We have spoken about this road for too many years. Another Government came and laid a stone but nothing happened.

I came and I said we will construct this road. Today, construction has begun. I promise what I do, and I do what I promise.

We are constructing the Lirangwe-Chingale-Machinga Road because we are creating a shorter route between Blantyre and Mangochi. This will also be the shortest route from Mangochi to Mwanza Border.

I am determined to build tarmac roads in every part of the country because I want development to spread across the country.

I want every part of the country to have good roads; to be connected to electricity and to be connected to internet. That is why we are connecting new roads, rural electricity and fibre optic network to rural communities.

As long as I am President of this country, no part of this country must be left behind in development. No part of this country must be impassable.

I want Malawi to be different by the time I finish leading this country in 2024. This year, we will continue building the following roads:

• Ntcheu – Tsangano road,
• Kawere – Mkanda road,
• Dowa-Chezi road.

But we are also going to start constructing the road from Muloza to Chiringa so that we make Mulanje Mountain more accessible to tourists.

Construction of the following roads has already commenced:

The Rumphi-Nyika road in the North has already started. And construction of the second phase of the Jenda–Edingeni will commence shortly.

As I speak, we are continuing with the construction of the following roads.
• We are constructing the Old Airport – Kasiya–Santhe road. This road will be completed early next year;
• We are constructing the Njakwa- Livingstonia road. We will complete this road in May 2020;
• We are completing the Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay road by this June;
• We are completing the Liwonde-Mangochi road in December 2018;
• We are completing rehabilitation of the Karonga-Songwe road in 2019;
• We are continuing with construction of the dual carriageway from Area 49 to Parliament Building Round About;
• We are about to complete the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe-Chitakale road;
• At the same time, we are progressing with the construction of the Thyolo-Thekerani-Makhanga road.

Every road for which I laid a stone is under construction. Every road we did groundbreaking has started.

I want to assure Malawians that I will continue developing this country all the way to 21 May, 2024.

With these remarks, I declare the construction of the Lirangwe-Chingale-Machinga Road officially launched.

Thank you!
God bless Malawi!
And bless us all!

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