Amfumu’s ‘Kugwira Foni Ya Okondeka Nkulimba Mtima’ Takes Social Media by Storm

Khondiwa: He Has Taken The Social Media By Storm With Foni Ya Wokondedwa

After missing in action for a good number of months, a renowned poet and radio personality Kenneth Khondiwa popularly known as Amfumu in the poetry industry has bounced back with “Foni ya Okondeka” poem which has taken the social media by storm.

“Kugwira foni ya Wokondeka ndi mkulimba mtima Musanagwire mwelanitu Panado, Ngati Mumazibaya jakisoni WA sugar chitiranituni……” reads part of the first Stanza of the poem which according to Amfumu has been shared in most of the Women Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

“It is not a secret anymore phones are killing our relationships, so l composed this poem to alert people that phone(s) can destroy our relationships if not properly handled,” said Amfumu Khondiwa in an interview with Malawi Voice on Wednesday.

The man behind “Adaponda ndi Mapazi Satana”, Amfumu also warned ‘lover birds’ against exchanging cellphones which in the 21st century has become diary for keeping top secrets.

“It is good to exchange cellphones in relationships but in these days phones are keeping secrets that if a partner see them they bring cracks in relationship,” concluded Amfumu Kenneth Khondiwa. “………Komatu dziwani kuti iyi ndi ndakatulo chabe yolembedwa ndi Amfumu Ndipo Chenjezo Ndilakuti musakayeselele ku nyumba (Do not try this at home),” reads the warning in the last stanza of the Foni Ya Wokondeka poem. (By Thumbiko Nyirongo)

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  1. Ethel BK   April 19, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Nzoonad Coz Sometimes Bp Ingashooty Ndizomwe Ungapeze


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