African Union Pushing For Agenda 2063

dr-augaste-ngomoAfrican Union has put a further glimpse to the direction in which Africa has to undertake, “The agenda 2063”.
Agenda 2063 is a strategic framework or road map for Africa’s inclusive growth, sustainable development and structural transformation that emphasizes the Pan African vision of an integrated , prosperous and peaceful Africa driven by its own citizen and representing a dynamic force in the global arena.
AU Regional Delegate Dr Augaste Ngomo, in his essay “Towards the Africa we want” observed that the agenda 2063 gives a new clear direction of where Africans want the continent to be in the next 50 years.
“This vision is being implemented through consecutive 10-year action plans that are meant to provide more concrete guidance for the African continent. [It] embarks upon every significant aspect such as the will to have good governance where democratic values, cultural practices, universal principles of human rights, gender equality, justice and the rule of law are entrenched.
“This road-map is directing us towards a prosperous Africa which will have the means and resources to drive its own development and high standards of living to every citizen. This includes all the basic necessities such as affordable houses, water, sanitation and sound health.
“Children will have access to good quality education and no African child will miss school because of poverty. African youths and women will be empowered to be self-reliant. This means all forms of violence against women and children will fully be eliminated and the issue of youth unemployment will become history that we shall leave to tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren,” said Dr. Ngomo.

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