Adrian Kwelepeta Launching “Live Or Die Story” Album June 30

Adrian: The album will come out internationally on iTunes and Spotify
The rising Malawi star, Adrian Kwepeta is set to launch his “Live or Die Story” musical album on Friday, June 30, this year at Grittah’s Camp in the capital city, Lilongwe.

The Sun Bird Search for a Star 2013 winner, Adrian confirmed in an interview on Thursday, that his second album is now out ready to share with the world.

“It [The album] will come out internationally on iTunes and Spotify” disclosed Adrian, adding “the album is going to be sold worldwide.”

The talented guitarist and percussionist, Adrian indicated that Moto Buu Band and Mbanayi Band will be the supporting acts at this awaited grand launch which will start at 8pm with an entry fee of K2000.

After release of “Live Or Die Story”, the young multitalented artist, Adrian expects to have a Europe tour next year in June to promote the album.

The 10 track solo album has been over a year in the making at the UK record label ‘Spare Dog Records’ with Swedish producer Mattias Stanackle.

From “Live Or Die Story”, an Afro-Folk Rock style album, Adrian is showcasing more of his incredible musical talent both song writing skills and substantial depth of maturity.

With combined great effort and creative ideas used by his producer in the album, the artist brings to fans the best work of art that could make one crave to listen to each number over and over including songs like Chulu Cha Mchele the only Chichewa song while the rest are in English. The track carries a very strong and important message, mainly giving courage to those in despair to ‘never look back but move ahead.’

“[Chulu Cha Mchele] Is the song that I wrote, it came through my dreams. The whole vision about it was ‘ukayang’ana m’buyo usanduka chulu chamchele’ [if you look back you will turn into a pillar of salt] as one can hear in the chorus. It was the time when I was passing through things and this song just came in my dream. This song strengthens me on things that I do, that I should just move on and never look back. So that’s the main purpose of the song.” He explained

Video for the ‘Chulu Cha Mchele’ has already been released. It was shot in Nkhata Bay by an Egyptian filmmaker, Omar who fell in love with the song after he met Adrian in Nkhata Bay and had listed to it as he was touring the country. The video was released on YouTube earlier this year in March.

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