Activist Hails MRA For Shutting Down ‘Crooked’ Times Group…Let Companies Pay Taxes Fairly

Leading Activist Limbani Nsapato wrote;

MRA and police officers sealing The Times Group property

I suspect that after MRA has sealed Times media for tax avoidance, many media houses may be in this state, including NGOs/CSOs, private sector etc.Things like PAYE, Pension, Medical, withholding tax, etc are hard to comply with for most organisations. If MRA had capacity to chase these issues many organisations would be closed or at least government could reap more income from taxes.

Politics aside, but failure to comply with tax laws is a big barrier towards ensuring domestic resource mobilisation capacity and be less dependent on foreign aid. Probably our education would have benefited from better tax administration. So, politics aside, let companies pay taxes fairly.

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  1. spencer murewa   January 15, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    Nonse amene mukubakira Times, you are stupid, ine si wa DPP, but one who evades tax is worse than a thief, some of you are civil servants, mukuganiza malipiro anu achokera kuti ngati anthu sakupereka msonkho moyenerera. Vuto la aMalawi, we glorify mediocrity, that’s why 50years down the line we are still the poorest country in the world. Mukubakira tax evader! Very sad indeed. Even ku Europe kuno ndikumaiko olemera, maiko ochita bwino, but tax evasion attracts heavy penalty even life imprisonment, and you are there backing this stupid media house. I feel bitter in my heart. I think Malawi needs massive sensitization and civic education. You don’t even know the importance of tax? Ndi inu nomwe mawa mukapita kuchipatala osakapezako mankhwala, amene mudzanene kuti boma lalephera, boma silikuyenda bwino, the president has failed, nanga ndalama zogulira mankhwalawa zichokere kuti ngati wina sakupereka msonkho amounting to millions of kwacha ngati Times group!


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