A Twist To The Crazy Love Story With Marty

Marty: The Crazy Love Singer
It not only rains but pours for the crazy love singer, Marty.

From a shiver inducing performance at the Raised For A Purpose (RFP) crossover night viewed by more than thousands that attended the event both physically and via streaming, to topping the charts on one of the free music distribution sites; Maluso, the story continues.  

Renowned videographer and director Isaac Zuze earlier this week reached out to his facebook fans to select a song, he would direct and shoot at a free cost, as a birthday gift to the world, just to give back and appreciate life more. It then came as no surprise that the public chose Crazy Love by Marty. With more than five other nominations; Crazy love got votes.

“So was listening to crazy love studio Audio, I must say you are allowed to expect much from the video shoot…” announced Zuze, after the verdict came in.

Zuze: Renowned videographer and director
Meanwhile, Deadline Media is to partner with Isaac_Zuze_films in this project.

A Statement from Isaac_Zuze_Films said  its not just going to be a music video, but “an amazing documentary dubbed #crazylove”

The statement narrates the production processes which includes character auditions, interviews with media experts, Voxpops in the streets etc. This is Marty’s first ever studio recording song as a solo artist. She heads the Worship team at Raised For a Purpose Ministries Zomba Branch.

Follow the link to access Crazy Love by Marty: https://www.malusomusic.com/songs/3940

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