5th Airtel Golf Tourney Goes to Kasasa

last-yer-during-airtel-golf-prize-presentation-600x385Kasasa Golf course in Dwangwa will this weekend host the fifth Airtel Fixed Broadband Enterprise Golf tournament.

100 golfers are expected to turn up and flex their targets and drives throughout the course with a simultaneous tee off time set for 6am this Saturday.

Airtel Malawi says the play pattern for this tournament will be individual stable ford.

“We are excited to mingle, interact and grow our bond with golfers. This is the 5th tournament to host this year, and the last but one of these series; and we are looking forward to acquiring more feedback and suggestions from the golfing community for the growth of the Airtel Brand,” said Rachel Mijiga, Airtel’s Enterprise Director.

Since mid this year, Airtel has held a series of exciting golf tournaments every month at Nchalo, Blantyre, Mbawa and Thyolo.

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