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JICA Funded Project Making Positive Strides in Reducing NRW

The virtual meeting in progress

The Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Non-Revenue Water Reduction for LWB (nicknamed LiSCaP) is making positive strides by capacitating Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) in reducing water losses, officials have revealed.

LWB acting Chief Executive Officer, Silli Mbewe, disclosed on Wednesday during the project’s 4th Joint Coordination Committee Meeting held virtually, that the project has registered positive results in the pilot area.

LiSCaP, which is funded by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), is being implemented as a pilot project in the southern zone of LWB’s supply area. 

“Through this project, we have gained expertise in NRW reduction through the District Metered Area (DMA) approach which has been widely accepted as one of the best practices in NRW Management through a ‘divide and conquer approach (i.e., partitioning the supply network into easily managed smaller discrete areas),” explained Mbewe.

He revealed that so far, the Board has managed to reduce NRW within the pilot area by almost half through the project, from 22 percent to 11 percent; adding that the project is facilitating the transfer of technical knowledge from JICA experts to LWB teams.

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