Malawi Police Nearly Killed MDF Soldier Captain Marcel Chirwa When Enforcing Covid-19 Measures

Chirwa: In Pains

Malawi Police Service officers mercilessly beat up a Malawi Defense Force officer, Marcel Chirwa when they were enforcing covid-19 measures in Area 25.

Facts of the matter are that the police were dispersing people who were drinking in Area 25. In the process, the police fired shots in the air from a moving van, a development which triggered Marcel Chirwa to approach them and question the Police’s conduct with regards to rules of engagement.

“Why are you shooting instead of just telling the people to leave the place, the shooting may cause tension,” asked Chirwa.

This did not go well with trigger-happy police officers who charged against Chirwa and descended upon him. They started beating him up mercilessly until he fainted.

Marcel Chirwa, who serves at Airwing as a pilot, went to Area 25 to do business where he met his fate.

There was no immediate comment from either Police nor the Malawi Defense Force.

Fears has gripped the nation that they may be running battles between the MDF in retaliation and the police.

Two days ago, the police also fired teargas in Nkhotakota when enforcing covid-19 measures, a development which left two women faint.

The community charged by vandalising property and looting Chipiku shop as well as damaging or government sign posts.

Fourteen hours ago, MPS officers assaulted Prophet Bushiri’s PRO Ephraim Nyondo, just few meters away from his house in Area 47. Nyondo got stopped by 5 gentlemen in police gear. They forced him to get out of his car, and then beat him up until the point of bleeding. They took his phone, bank cards, cash, ID, laptop and all work documents he was with in the car.

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