Yeremiah Chihana trims to size Zangazanga Chikhosi, Tells Him To Stop Undermining VP Chilima

CHIHANA: Tells Chakwera to fire Chikhosi

The evergreen Mzimba North MP, Yeremiah Chihana has openly told Zangazanga Chikhosi to stop undermining the State Vice President, Saulos Claus Chilima for his political reasons.

Chikhosi is the Chief Secretary to the President.

“Zangazanga Chikhosi is overshadowing the Vice President Saulos Chilima. He is too powerful and in control of the civil service where Chilima is supposed to implement the public sector reforms, ” said the ever controversial Chihana.

Chihana has accused Chikhosi for firing Principal Secretaries anyhow and that Chilima has no control over that and yet he is the Minister responsible for public reforms.

Chihana has since called the President to fire his Chief Secretary for over stretching his powers.

His statement did not go down well with First Deputy Speaker who ordered the MP to leave the House saying his statement reflects at the Vice President which is against the standing orders of Parliament.

In his remarks, the Leader of the Opposition, Kondwani Nankhumwa in Parliament has asked the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament to look into the Parliament standing orders to make some amendments if necessary because as of now the standing orders only talks of ” reflecting on the president ” and not the Presidency and that the VP came into the chamber as the Minister and not the Vice President.

Nankhumwa has also asked the Business Committee of Parliament to discuss this matter fully.

Nankhumwa also thanked the Vice President for coming to Parliament to answer questions.

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