Lawyer Theu To Represent Mathanga, Kunje Against Chakwera In Courts

THEU: One of the brightest lawyers in Malawi

Lawyer Bright Theu who condemned two MEC Commissioners Linda Kunje and Jean Mathanga as incompetent in the 2019 Elections Case, will now fight for their survival at MEC as he has embarked on a legal battle against President Lazarus Chakwera’s decision of denying his clients their benefits, allowances and honoraria dating back to June7, 2021.

Theu, who is the managing director of Ritz Attorneys was one of Vice President Chilima lawyers in the Presidential Election Case where Chilima and Chakwera were contesting the 2019 Presidential results describing them as fraudulent.

Theu has already appeared before the courts seeking declaratory orders.

In legal terms the declaratory orders means a judgment that sets out rights and obligations existing between parties to a dispute and dispels doubts about a party’s rights or obligations which may be uncertain before the issuance of the order.

Attorney General Chikosa Mozesi Silungwe, who is the Principal Advisor to government has told Chakwera to give the two commissioner their benefits and letters of employment.

Ironically both Silungwe and Theu were both in courts and argued that Kunje and Mathanga with their former fellow commissioners were incompetent a thing which the courts agreed with in its ruling.

Theu is one of the best lawyers in Malawi when it comes to ligations.

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