Chakwera In ‘Divide and Rule’ Tactic On Teachers Welfare: Bankrolls Rebel Teachers Group

MCP Wing calling itself Concerned Teachers

A group calling itself a Concerned Teachers has told Teachers Union of Malawi ( TUM) to call off the strike saying it is holding learners and students at ransom.

According to confirmed information, the group is being bankrolled by the State House to counter TUM as part of “divide and rule” tactic.

Team leader of the group Harry Kamwanza, who is a headteacher at Mchinji Secondary School TUM should have fought for salary increment which has been a concern for a long time than a mere Covid19 risk allowance.

He says TUM should remember that not all teachers are TUM members and the does not please many teachers.

Kamwanza calls on TUM to call off the strike as the negotiations go on.

However TUM members have warned President Chakwera against policising their concerns.

“I’m of the TUM members and I would like to challenge government that these childish tactics will not help. This is one of the tactics of government to divide and rule as tool to weaken our stand on the matter. But they are in for a shock. We know that President Chakwera has bankrolled this rebel group to cause havoc in our genuine concerns about COVID-19 allowance. But if this is the path President Chakwera and his team believe is good to end the fiasco, let us wait and see,” said the TUM member who didn’t want to be named

“TUM must remember that not all teachers fall under their mother body as some opted not to join for reasons known for themselves. So TUM must not bulldoze us into a situation we are not part of,” said Kamwanza.

Kamwanza has also said TUM has also created an imbalanced situation as private schools are now in full swing while poor Malawians who can not afford to send their learners to private schools are suffering at home.

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