‘Mercenary’ HRDC Blasts Teachers, TUM For Demanding Covid-19 Risk Allowances

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has blasted teachers in Malawi for demanding allowances during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

HRDC was addressing the Press Briefing on Tuesday, February, 23,2021 in Lilongwe on the issue of 6.2billion, ‘Chakwera-covid-19- gate’ where money has growing wings at an unprecedented speed.

In his remarks, member of the HRDC. Mr Sembeleka says the claims by teachers and TUM for allowances is not attainable since government is facing uphill task to deal with the pandemic.

“Teachers must not come here to tell us about COVID-19 risk allowances but they must demand from government that they need pay hike on their salaries. Risk allowances must be reserved to those who deserve it like health workers because they face death in their eyes,” says Reverend Sembeleka who once worked as an advisor to the former president Joyce Banda, well known for cashgate scam.

Surprising, when TUM met President Chakwera on Tuesday in the morning, they failed to agree on this and the president referred the matter to his presidential task force on COVID-19 to settle the matter.

Teachers are demanding their risk allowances as themselves feel that they are front workers since they interact with learners and students at different levels.

But briefing the Press, TUM leadership has put it’s foot down that no allowances; no classes.

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