NTATA SATIRISES BUSHIRI FOR FAILING TO CURE COVID-19: He’s a major profit, not a major prophet

Bushiri ‘walking in the air’

Malawi’s controversial barrister Zalimba Allan Ntata (Z Ntata) has attacked Shepherd Bushiri for failing to cure Covid-19 despite calling himself Major One.

“How can someone who calls himself a “Major” prophet fail to cure Covid-19? He’s a major profit, not a major prophet,” wrote Ntata on his official facebook page.

Ntata wondered how Bushiri who has been alleging that he cures miracles is failing to perform wonders on Covid-19.

“With what we have seen during the Covid pandemic, do you still believe that your papa the profit (prophet) is capable of performing miracles?” he writes.

For ages, he says, this particular “profit” has been cheating the world that he is imbued with the power of prophecy, miracles including (miracle money), healing the sick and praying for one’s prosperity.

At the peak of his ‘ministry’, Bushiri once appeared to walk on air in a video which was widely shared on social media, angels once appeared in his church, he on several times healed people with HIV on top of casting out demons.

“Angels” appearing in Bushiri Church

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