Of Cornered Nankhumwa and Uncornered Officials


Nankhumwa cornered. Interesting headline. Written with an agenda. Exposing the hypocrisy of the Leader of Opposition on allowances.

But wait a minute. Is the K60,000 accommodation per night in line with government rate or not?

When Parliament is in session, do MPs receive similar accommodation rates or not? How much were other committee members from outside Lilongwe receiving as DSAs?

Are the fuel and meal allowances in line with government stipulated rates or not? Were they justified or not? Why are we just being told about the DSA received by one member of the committee and not the rest of the committee members?

Why are DSAs received by other committee members not reported? If Nankhumwa alone has pocketed K3.7 million in allowances, what is the total sum used/abused by the whole committee?

Anxiously waiting for a follow-up story on how much others received so that we have a full picture. Even guerrilla journalism demands disclosure of such information.

It’s time to clear the rubble. All the rubble. Not only the blue rubble.

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