‘MCP Continues To Rebrand AFORD’: UTM Kept In The Wings-Reports Say

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As one way of consolidating power, MCP has launched a hurricane assault on UTM in the Northern region by rebranding AFORD which is led by Enoch Chihana for 2025 tripartite polls as tipping trigger.

UTM’s ‘headquarters’ is in the North where the party enjoys more support than any other party so far.

AFORD is slowly growing in the North with support from MCP according to multiple sources.

“By 2024, Chilima will be finished by MCP. Chakwera has tied him to the corner with rope. He can’t breath anymore. AFORD is now the main partner of MCP in the Tonse Alliance. They get ‘scandalous’ businesses than any other partner. It’s a strategic decision that MCP through by Chakwera two ‘notorious’ boys Mkaka and Chimwendo Banda that have done to put SKC off the map and indirectly make him a sleeping partner in the system.

“So far Mkaka is the ‘Prime Minister’ in the Chakwera cabinet. It’s a tough situation for the UTM folks as most of them are just messengers in the government. Why must AFORD acquire a bus and not UTM which is a strong partner of MCP? Don’t be cheated, there is a lot happening in this government,” said one source from MCP who didn’t want to be named.

Reports indicate from grapevine that Chakwera has not been answering Chilima calls and text messages of late hence not seen twice at Chakwera COVID-19 press briefings.

Malawi will vote again in 2025 based on 50+1 rule.

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