MCHACHA U-TURN: I Will Not Contest For DPP Presidency

By Mayamiko Phiri

Democratic progressive Party (DPP) governor for the Southern Region who is also a Member of Parliament and former cabinet minister Charles Mchacha has made a u-turn on his earlier announcement that that he will contest for presidential position during the forthcoming DPP convention.

Speaking during an exclusive interview on Monday, January 26, Mchacha said he does not have any plans to stand as a presidential candidate whenever the party will decide to hold a convention to elect office bearers.

Mchacha stressed that whatever he said during the recent television interview was just to show that DPP as a party adheres to principles and tenets of democracy.

“I just said that to create hype for the convention. Though it’s my rights to stand for any position in the party, I will not stand for presidential seat during the convention, “said Mchacha.

Regarding his academical credentials Mchacha stated that he sat for MSCE while serving as a deputy minister in the Professor Peter Mutharika administration and enrolled at Malawi College of accountancy (M.C.A) where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management on April 26, 2019.

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