Chakwera Fails To Steer Ship In Right Direction: Economy Outlook Faints

By Katundu Wa Boma

All economic indicators are showing that the train is heading for disaster. The kwacha continues to lose value against the major currencies and the lives of poor Malawians continue to be contaminated with MCP led government failures.

Just in six months, Reverend Chakwera and his so called Tonse Alliance have already spent over 9 billion kwacha on unplanned expenditures, a sad tale that tells you that Malawi is in crisis because of poor leadership.

Let us face it here. The whole cabinet is flat footed. No innovations on how to turn the economic outlook for the betterment of poor Malawians who continue to pay through the nose huge taxes in every product or service they pay. Imagine even toothpick has a tax in Malawi. What kind of government is this!

Today the minibus owners are staging a country wide strike to force government to reduce fuel as government ordered them to reduce capacity of the minibus in line with COVID-19 guidelines. But government is adamant.

They say they don’t have money to cushion poor Malawians but the same Chakwera and his henchmen are able to pay lawyers a k7 billion for their legal fees amidst COVID-19 crisis. But this is was their money, they don’t see any problem but when Malawians cry for their share, Chakwera says he has no money.

The biggest question now is who will lead Malawians to Canaan, Jerusalem with all these malnourished economic and political decimal decisions by Chakwera and his homeboy Insurance expert, Mlusu as in charge of economy?

Unlike Peter, he brought in the renowned economic gear box, Goodall Gondwe who managed the economy so well after cashgate of JB and PP govt.

Jonah where are you taking us?

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