BIZARRE! Director of Information Chikumbutso Mtumodzi Refuses To Occupy Office

MTUMODZI: Missing inaction DIO

New Director of Information Chikumbutso Mtumodzi has refused to occupy the usual office which his predecessors used.

Sources at the Department of Information say since his appointment by the Tonse Alliance government, Mtumodzi has never gone into the office and has been operating from a vehicle, and sometimes in the central office of information at the Ministry of Information headquarters in City Centre.

But reports say he now got a new office last week; he is now renting an office that was used by an insurance company near Malawi News Agency.
Sources say Mtumodzi has directed the department to cover rental charges for the new office.

“This is one way how this government can be wasteful. Why should we be paying for rentals for another office for the Director when he has refused another better office which has been waiting for him? All his predecessors have been using the office. What’s so special about him that he can’t use the office? The department is already poorly funded and it will be forced to pay for two offices,” one officer said.

The officer also said Mtumodzi refused to use a government driver and is using his own who is not employed by government.  It is not clear as to who will be paying that driver.

He also refused to work with the Secretary who was already available at the department and instead brought his own. 
“The secretary was operating from the corridor because her office was already occupied by the department Secretary for the director,” the officer said.

Reports say Mtumodzi is usually seen with bodyguards at the office, a development which employees at the department brand as a manifestation of a real Malawi Congress Party cadet.

Mtumodzi was not available for comment.

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