NGO DONATES SANITARY SEWING MATERIALS: says to reduce girls’ school absenteeism

By Lizzie Phiri

EMPOWERED: Women’s group members during tailoring training

Umodzi Youth Organisation (UYO) has donated sewing machines and sanitary pads sewing materials to Likulu Primary school in Group Village Headman (GVH) Manesi, Kapeni, Blantyre to minimize challenges girls face at school during their menstrual periods.

According to UYO Programs Director, Gloria Sabudu, girls tend to abscond classes during this period as they do not have necessities such as sanitary pads as well as change rooms within the school.

“It has become an excuse for most girls in schools such that they end up missing classes which leads to poor performance and at times school dropouts. “Our aim is to put an end to this, this is why we partnered with a United Kingdom based institution Think Malawi for the provision of such resources as sewing machines and sewing materials for the production of sanitary pads to be freely distributed to those girls at menstruating age,” she said.

Sabudu further explained that the organization intends to equip members of the mothers’ group in kapeni area with sewing skills so that they can produce the sanitary pads as well as empower themselves.

“Apart from sewing pads for the girls these women will also be able to support themselves in their homes by sewing and selling to other members of the surrounding communities,” she added.

Upon receiving the donation, the Head Teacher Alex Mafaiti commended UYO and its partner Think Malawi for their generous donation to the school.

“We are very grateful for the donation of the sewing machines and materials at this school. Our school girls will no longer be missing classes when they are in their menstrual periods, which will further help improve their academic performance” observed Mafaiti.

One of the participants in the 5 day tailoring training workshop from the mother group members, Rose Matinga, said she was happy to be part of the training which she believed would change her life.

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