COVID-19 or no COVID-19 Mia Deserved Better-Sheikh Cries Foul


There is a recording circulating, maybe a Sheikh, lamenting how MCP dumped their Deputy President; Sidik Mia in death. He spoke after burial, a well spoken lad; switching linguistic codes around Arabic, English and Chichewa.

The Sheikh, says, with COVID – 19 or no COVID – 19 Mia deserved better. There was neither an MCP NGC member nor a Cabinet Minister at the Hospital, Blantyre or Ngambu homes.Not even on the convoy, he says.

The remains got stopped many times, at traffic lights. There was not even a single traffic control car to lead, for a man of Mia’s stature, the Sheikh says.

The Sheikh claimed Mia strategized and funded Chakwera and MCP [ call it Tonse when drunk] to win. The treatment has been bad, he says.

He fell short of just saying all MCP “beggars” who dined with Mia were conspicuously missing. He was hurt. The family is hurt.

The Muslims are hurt. Lower Shire is hurt. No flag, no nothing. This is not divisive, it is reality as explained by this Sheikh.

He argued Chakwera was addressing the country at a time Mia was also being buried.

He said, even if it meant being 100 metres away from Mia’s remains, a presidential rep at the ceremony would have been appreciated.

There was no word from the President or party, he claims.

Inbox your numbers if you have not received the clip.

I will share. I will not comment on the merits or demerits of the Sheikh’s arguments.

One thing is clear, as I have said, whole day, today – MCP abandons its support base.

If MCP cannot look after its own, it can’t look after the country.

MCP needs to recant. To be defensive will be disastrous, reflect reflect reflect.

This criticism is good and must be looked at positively. The level of disorganization is at another level.

Godot, your one term is cut out indeed!

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