Mia’s Memorial Lecture


The burial ceremony in Ngabu

In the Islamic Beliefs, the next 3 days are crucial for Hon Mia’s soul. After the burial we believe that two angels – Munkar and Nakir – come to question the dead in order to test their faith.

The righteous believers answer correctly and live in peace and comfort while the sinners and disbelievers fail and punishments ensue. It takes three days.

Honestly, that is not my point tonight. I’m here to say I don’t believe Hon Mia is gone. I can’t grasp the reality. Mia has left a political power & leadership vacuum in MCP. Only God knows what happens next.

People don’t speak the truth. They are hypocrites.

Mia was earmarked to Vice President Chakwera in 2025.

Whatever Chilima had agreed with Chakwera in grand Tonse Alliance was null and void. MCP rubbed it off. Now that Mia is gone, what happens? Stop shedding crocodile tears. The power struggle is real.

In earnest & soul truth, Mia was both a political Giant & Gentleman. He had spent so much on MCP only to step aside in the last minute in order for Tonse Alliance to succeed.It happened in front of our nose & eyes.

Now that Mia is gone. What’s MCP power play strategy? We subtly accused Mia that he was sponsoring factionalism. Now Mia is Gone. Munamizira ndani?

God has a way to expose lies. Tisapite Kutali. Zoona zituluka zokha. Those that were power hungry will emerge soon.

Till then, I can say; We thank God for your contribution to Mother Malawi. We are so much poorer without you. You were according to each one’s interpretation.

Hero or Villain.

May Your Generous Soul Rest in Peace. Forever, Malawians will Cherish You.

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