Chakwera Finally Incorporates Chilima In Covid-19 Taskforce

President Lazarus Chakwera has directed ministers of Health, Local government, Justice, to work with Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima to review public health guidelines where necessary in the wake of covid-19.

Chakwera, addressing the despair facing the nation, attempts to rally the nation: “We as a people have what it takes not only to survive this but to defeat it.”

The President has reminded the public to adhere to Covid measures, saying “each one of us is not safe.”

President Lazarus described the death of the two cabinent ministers as the “darkest hour” in the country’s history.

He says 6000 people have recovered but close to 50 people have died in the past 10 days.

“We have entered the eye of the pandemic.”

Chakwera says the death of the two ministers is an “incalculable loss” to the nation.

He has appealed to the international community for support.

He says the administration is considering declaring a state of emergency.

Chakwera has called for an emergency meeting of the presidential taskforce on Covid-19 to discuss further measures.

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