UMPHAWI SIZINTHU: Malawi’s Dobadoba, Fake & Mercenary ‘Pastors’ Hired To Back Bushiris

The dobadobas in action in Blantyre

A group of Malawi’s renowned fake and mercenary ‘pastors’ have called on government to intervene in prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary alleged fraud and money laundering charges in South Africa, saying there may be more than what is actually being heard of.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe, the hired Pastors say it is surprising that while Bushiri is still being probed by same officers, he opened up a case against an allegations of extortion

In an interview, one of the leaders of the ‘pastors’, Reverend Malani Mtonga, said there is need for the Bushiris to be heard before any action is taken.

Mtonga expressed the need for the two countries to sit down and talk on how best the issues can be tackled. He says they are rallying behind the Bushiris and expressed optimism that there will be justice at the end of it.Mtonga also said Bushiri being a Malawian, was flying the Malawian flag wherever he would go; hence, he cannot be ignored on this matters.

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