Malawi Must Handle Bushiri’s Case Professionally With Care


File Photo: Shepherd and Mary Bushiri during trial

Government of Malawi must handle Bushiri’s case professionally with care. He must be heard with care, otherwise, we will venture into a very serious war with South Africa.

The guy has been in RSA since 2015, nobody knows the type of business he has been doing except those close to him and those in South Africa. So we must not pretend to know him better than himself.

We have seen foreigners arrested in Malawi for not being in line with our laws, we have seen them kept in custody and taken to court for trial.

Therefore, if there are serious issues against Bushiri to do with any violation of law in RSA, then Bushiri must go back and face law justice.

On the other hand, we should ask ourselves as to how did Bushiri leave RSA? Did he use a public plane? If yes, who authorised his travel? Who stamped is passport , why did the RSA authorized his travel yet he has issues to answer? We need to be very much careful with game.

The coming of Bushiri to Malawi should not surprise, he is a citizen of Malawi, he can come any time he wants, nobody can question him. He has all rights to seek legal advice from his country of origin, just that this current case raises a number of questions. We are yet to see if the government of Malawi will interrupt the proceedings of RSA court.

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