Up-Coming Artist Lenno Set To Release “Ndingokutenga”

By Ireen Kayira

Lilongwe, November 6, Mana: Barely five months after releasing an acoustic love song titled here for love, up and coming artist, Mervin Lenno has said he is ready to release another single titled “Ndingokutenga”.

Lenno set to release a single

Speaking with Malawi News Agency on Friday in Lilongwe, the 20 year old artist said the song centres on the theme of love.

“It basically talking about someone trying to rescue a girl from a toxic relationship she is into where her boyfriend used to love her, give her time but things have turned, now she gets beaten, cheated and all sorts of things.

“This other Man on the other hand is convincing the girl to leave the relationship to be with him telling her that  he will love her and treat her well if she would let him be her man,” Lenno said.

The Blantyre based artist said the song has been produced by Sispenceat Matrix records.

He indicated that the song would be available on Malawi music.com from the official release on November 9,2020.

“He was so humble faithful and royal, panoanasintha he doesn’t love you anymore, Salabadira kaya wadzukabwanji,he doesn’t mind if you are doing fine, he stopped saying that I love you mpakanamonths,” he partly sings.

Lenno asked his fans to expect nothing but the best from him as he plans to release an album next year.

The artist said that so far the response from the last single has been impressive as most people have commended him to continue bringing positive and meaningful songs.

He started his serious music career in 2018 when he released his two singles of which one of them featured Nepman.

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