Mtambo Calls On Youths to Protect Elderly

By George Mponda

Minister Mtambo and Senior Police Officers in Dedza

Dedza, October 25, Mana: Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo has called on youths in the country to protect older people.

Mtambo made the remarks Friday at Senior Chief Sultan Tambala’s court in Dedza district, where he held an engagement meeting with community members together with Police officers following several violent incidents in the area.

In September, 2020, two men were allegedly shot dead by Thuma forest rangers  while nine houses believed to belong to relatives of one of the rangers were burnt and in October 2020, an elderly woman was stoned to death after villagers accused her of being a witch.

Addressing multitudes of people who had gathered at the meeting, Mtambo said he was dismayed when he saw the video clip of people stoning to death an old woman, Stella Chigule, on social media.

“When we were fighting for a new Malawi we did not expect that people would kill others with stones,” he said.

“As people get older, they become vulnerable that is when young people are needed to help and protect them. Therefore I would like to urge you to take a leading role in their protection,” Mtambo said.

He advised youths to utilise their energy in doing productive deeds which will help the country develop since its future depends on them.

In his remarks Sultan Tambala requested for more Police officers at Mayani Police Station saying their presence will improve security in the area.

“My area used to be known for its peace but what is happening this year has been very surprising with several deaths and violent incidents,” Tambala said.

He said people are emulating bad manners from other places which is influencing them to start taking the law into their own hands in the area.

Speaking at the event, Commissioner of Police responsible for the Central Region, Merlyne Yolamu warned the villagers that every one who had taken a part in the killing of the woman will be arrested.

“Everyone has a right to life in this country and Police will not rest until all those who are responsible for killing this woman are taken into custody to answer murder charges,” she said.

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