MANOBEC Disregard Reserve Bank Laws

By Mada Chilekwe, Contributor

As the nation is busy following up court cases and those disregarding the laws of this land due to personal riches and money, MANOBEC housing estate company has been charging all their rentals in US dollars.

The real estate company owned by Mr Wahid Kassam who is also the managing director of Globe Group of Companies was caught pants down when a group of under cover agents when to their Seven Eleven head office next to Cross Roads Hotel to look for office space and accommodation in the MANOBEC flats opposite the Maula Cathedral.

Mr Kassam and his chief accountant Mr Mustak Patel were arrested and charged with the offence of charging house rentals in US dollars.

The two were given police bail and were expected to appear in court on October last year. The arresting officer was Felix Nayija assisted by Jacob Mgawi from Fiscal Police Lilongwe office.

 Others who were also arrested on the same offence like Alhaji Muhammad Diab of City mall has had to have a plea bargain and paid a fine to avoid custodial sentence.

Mr Larkani of Watt Consultants, Mr Azar of Sana and several others went to court or are still in court.

But MANOBEC management lead by Mr Wahid Kassam and his accountant Mr Mustak Patel are still scot free.

The two only went to fiscal police head office in area 6 once for bail obligations. This case is still waiting for action and the files were submitted to the head of prosecutions at the Police Headquarters Mr Thomas Niper Chafikana then.

It is a known fact that Chafikana sat on the case and never indicated in the hand over notes of this case. So the starting point is Mr Chafikana.

We are calling on the human rights bodies like CEDEP of Silvester Namiwa and HRDC of Gift Trapence to officially lodge a complaint to the ministry of justice.

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