ARS Holding Limited In Dubious Land Deal: Constructs Buildings On Road Reserve Site

ARS Holding Limited has been emerged as one of Malawi’s cartel Indian companies involved into dubious land deals, Malawi Voice has established.

ARS Holdings Limited, a most corrupt company owned by an Indian based in Lilongwe is constructing a building near Roads Authority along Paul Kagame Road opposite Area 4, Admarc.

This is the same place where former President late  Bingu Wa Mutharika ordered demolition of a structure which was housing Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) saying the building was built on the road reserve.

Acquisition of the land is strange considering the fact that the area was barred from any proposed project.

ARS is planning to have shops and offices on Plot No 4/451 & 4/276 to be constructed by ADLA construction.

If ARS is left unchecked and finish this building, there will be a bad precedence being set.

This publication finds that will be seen as if some people especially the rich are untouchable.

We are therefore calling upon the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to rise up to the occasion and investigate this company as soon as yesterday.

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