My Hope In Chakwera’s Promise Of A New Malawi Died A Little-Idriss Ali Nassah Writes

Rashy Gaffar truck captured ferrying MCP supporters to welcome Chakwera yesterday

Yesterday, seeing women gathered at Clock Tower to sing and dance for President Chakwera’s entry into Blantyre was a reality check, and my hope in the promise of a new Malawi died a little.

President Chakwera rode into power on the promise of real change to public service through ‘servant leadership’.

This was important because, after six years of absolute blundering by the aloof Peter Mutharika and his band of DPP thieves, Malawians were tired of tone-deaf leaders who would Lord over us, while enjoying enormous perks paid for by us.

So we were sold on the Tonse agenda, and we started imagining Malawi anew—a country where the president doesn’t need 20+ plus vehicles on his loud and intimidating convoy;

A bunch of cabinet ministers captured lined up at the airport just to say BYE to Chakwera

…where roads are not shut off for 40 minutes before the president passes; where ministers and top government officials are not lined up at the airport each time the president arrives or departs;

…where women are not best for dancing at political gatherings but left out of important appointments; where a president is too valuable to be going around opening Chinese hotels;

…where corruption is frowned upon and ruthlessly crushed; where upstanding characters are employed in public service and those of dubious character are discarded like an old rag;

…where women and young people are given opportunities to prove themselves, where…But, on the evidence thus far, it seems the Malawi we imagined is one that will not be allowed to exist.

Perhaps it is true, after all, that Malawi is too broken to be fixed. I am sad.

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