Off the wall Of Joshua Chisa Mbele: Boma la Mkamwini

Boma la Mkamwini: Chakwera and his family

Policy vs Impatience to loot. If you were to run a credible Opinion Poll on President Lazarus Chakwera and His Vice President Saulos Chilima today, the outcome will be mixed.

 1. There are those like me who will give Chakwera and his Administration a very high score. A+ despite the fact that I have not personally benefited. Not even a Mickey Mouse position to assist my poor communities with better ways to eradicate poverty.

 2. There are those that will rate Chakwera and His Administration as a dismal failure in making. A family-run President who has neglected those that toiled to put him in power despite the fact that it’s only 100 days.

 Few realize that Government is a huge ship that doesn’t just change direction all of a sudden. It requires ample space, time and experience of the captain.

 The impatience to loot and eat is growing. My attention Is particularly drawn to frustrated young people who lament that Tonse Alliance Government is unlike Mutharika and Joyce Banda’s Administration whose supporters were empowered overnight.

 What they can’t acknowledge is a simple pointed fact. Both administrations were failures.

 Tonse Alliance Administration must be something different. There is no free money to reward political activists.

Experience has taught us that cronyism, political partisanship, nepotism, tribalism and or anything that rewards idle citizens breeds corruption.

 President Reverend Chakwera must not pay attention to people that are demanding immediate rewards.

 The only route to wean the youth from poverty and political dependence is through vocational training, skills development and access to capital. The implementation must be based on a sustainable policy. Good Policy is Good Politics. 

Extortion & Blackmail is when people start demanding something using political threats. I have read narratives that bemoan the fact that State House is effectively in the hands of the son-in-law. Akuti Boma la Mkamwini. Such utterances must be ignored.

 3. Chilima is not spared either. He has the most disgruntled followers. He is seen in powerless position. Chikwama chiri m’manja mwa MCP. UTM sikununkha kanthu.

 Nkhani yabvuta pamudzi pano ndi ya Kudya. Anthu sakudya. Kuba kwabvuta.  Mutuwa. Simunati. Welcome to Stingy Men Association of Malawi. Our Patrons are the President and His Vice.

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